Photography by Glen Howey

Ryan Laird

After training as an accountant and four years in the management of a human rights organisation Ryan retired (aged 24). He left NZ to backpack the globe for the next 6 years. Barman in London, hamacaman  in Spain, henna tatooist and fire dancer in Peru set him up to create the business that has evolved into what is Go Vino Cooks Beach.

Owner, Sommelier, and Dishwasher

Summer Staff Required

Every season we require dynamic extra staff in our kitchen, front of house, and on the coffee machine. 


Season runs 27th December until end of Feb. 


Accommodation, food and stocked bar fridge supplied.


If interested let us know in October

Paul Van Weerden
Previous Head Chef

After winning an international scholorship Paul headed to Europe to develop his skills. On returning to NZ he impressed at number of Waikato restaurants before Ryan whisked him away to Cooks Beach.


Paul headed the Go Vino kitchen for 6.5 years and in conjunction with Ryan developed the successful KaiZen menu.