Kaizen Dishes

Kaizen plates are designed to be shared. 


Goats Cheese Brulee 14

Leek. Garlic.Thyme.


Dumplings 17

Peanut. Celery. Chilli


Scotch Egg 17

Pea. Broad bean.

Sesame. Tamarillo


Mumbai Chaat 18

Potato. Tomato.

Tamarind chutney


Mushroom Ragu 19

Eggplant. Kale.


Tuna Pastrami 19

Wasabi sorbet. Burga wheat

Gherkins. Paprika oil

Smoked Kahawai Soufflé 19

Tomato, pepper and olive sauce


Prawns 20

Beetroot. Crispy onion.

Kimchi puree.

 Mussels 17

White wine cream sauce.

Polenta bricks.


Pan Fried Fish 21

Miso pumpkin doughnuts.

Carrot. Cabbage.Kale


Beef Mapu 17

with rice crackers

Roasted  Duck Salad 20

Chinese five spiced

Spinach. Honey. Ginger


Ostrich Fillet 21

Marmite butter

Broccolini. Potato pavé


Lamb Rump 22

Ras halnout. Carrot. Cauli

Mustard seeds. Gnocchi


Pork Roast 30

Veg. Yorkie. Crackling

From the Garden
From the Ocean
From the farm


Green Apple and Kawakawa Sorbet

French meringue, blackberry, rhubarb, green apple geland

salted  macadamia granola 


Dark Chocolate Tart
Raspberry sorbet, mascarpone and candied walnuts

Basque Cheese Cake
Salted macadamia granola and yoghurt

Puff pastry, sabyon, lemon curd, blueberry buttermilk lemon ice cream


Ice cream cake with layers of chocolate, vanilla, raspberry lemon.
Pistachio, dried fruit and shortbread

Blue Cheese

with honeycomb, pear, dried fruit

and crostini


Chocolate Cake

no chocolate ingredients but magically a chocolate flavour

Passion Fruit Cheesecake

vodka, limoncello, galliano, and Mascarpone

Special Coffee

your choice of liqueur, coffee, cream, and nutmeg

Espresso Martini

vodka, kahlua, baileys, and coffee



Patron XO Cafe

Titoki Berry and Kawa Kawa Liqueur


Francoli Grappa Riserva


All Pizzas 30cm / 8 slices

The pizzas have a blend of mozzarella, cheddar and Parmesan



Cheese Pizza 18

Add Tomato, Ham or Pineapple $2 each



Gourmet Selection

Greek Gourmet Vegetarian 28

tomato, mozzarella, broccoli, mushroom, red onion, capsicum,

olives, and blue cheese

Portland Vegan 28

Broccoli, mushroom, red onion, capsicum, with pumpkin purée base


Pohutukawa Smoked Chicken 28

with basil pesto, tomato, mozzarella, Parmesan, and bacon


Italian Sausage 28

Pepperoni, venison chorizo, sun dried tomato,

mozzarella, and olives


Aotearoa Smoked Salmon 28

mozzarella, red onion, karengo and cucumber


Roasted Chinese Duck 28

Spring onion. courgette, chilli oil on a Asian sauce base.


Not Pizza


Hand Cut Chips 10

with aioli and tomato sauce 


Korean Chicken  Bao  16

Two buns filled with chicken, salad
and optional spicy sauce

Pork  Roast 30

With vege, Yorkshire pudding and gravy


Deluxe Asian Salad 16

An exciting medley of flavours and textures



Dark Chocolate Tart
Raspberry sorbet, mascarpone and candied walnuts

Basque Cheese Cake
Salted macadamia granola and yoghurt

Blue Cheese 15

with honeycomb, pear, dried fruit

and crostini


The Tom Yum

Skyy Vodka, Malibu, Lychee, Lemon grass, Stones  Green Ginger Wine, Jalapeno, Lime


Can’t Beet Chocolate

Bourbon, crème de cacao,

cinnamon and beetroot juice


Berry Frozen Daiquiri

Mount Gay Rum, St Germain Elderflower,

Lime, Orange Bitters, simple syrup


Passionfruit Mojito

Mount Gay Rum, Mint, Lime,

Passionfruit and soda

Kiwifruit Caipirinha

Cachaça, lime, Kiwifruit,

simple syrup, soda


Passionfruit Cheesecake

Skyy vodka, vanilla galliano,

limoncello and mascarpone


Espresso Martini

Skyy vodka, Kahlua, Bailey’s,

espresso shot

Ryan's Secret Sangria

Classic or bubbly

Childrens menu

Go Vino has an excelent childrens menu. 

We also have giant connect four, giant jenga, and many other games for big and small children a like.

                Fish  (pan-fried) 16

                  Salad. Chips. Sauce

Gnocchi 15

Tomato. Cheese. Leaf


Chicken Bao Bun 13

With chips


Rib Eye Beef 17

 Salad. Chips. Sauce