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Kaizen Dishes

Kaizen plates are designed to be shared. 


Goats Cheese Brûlée 16

Leek. Garlic.

Candied lemon. Walnut

Bhel Puri 17
Kumara. Tamarind.
Yogurt. Papdi.

Summer Garden 17

Tomato. Cucumber

Artichoke. Beetroot.

Eggplant Steak 17
Quinoa. Miso reduction


Dumplings 18

Peanut. Celery. Chilli

Salmon Gravlax 20

Kale Caesar


Ceviche 18

Lime. Rice cracker


Calamari 18

Green tomato and pistachio  


Thai Prawns 19
Nam Jim dressing. Basil.
Chilli. Cucumber. Tomato


Balinese Fish Fillets 23
Sambal matah. Lime.

Ostrich Tataki 19

Edamame. Ponzu. Radish


Chicken Roll 17
Curry leaf. Spicy chutney


Lamb Rump 24

Horopito spice. Cauliflower puree.

Stonefruit. Whipped feta. Dukkha


Beef Striploin 29

Pot Pave. Roasted tomato.


Pork Roast 33

Veg. Yorkie. Sauces

Crackle and gravy

From the Garden
From the Ocean
From the farm


Green Apple and Kawakawa Sorbet

French meringue, blackberry, rhubarb, green apple geland

salted  macadamia granola 


Chocolate Marquise
Dark chocolate mousse. Hazelnut ice cream. Puff pastry

Blueberry Frangipani Tart 17
Ricotta lemon ice cream. Candied lemon. Rhubarb.

Panna Cotta
Lemon ginger tea. Honeycomb, pumpkinseed, raspberry.


Ice Cream Sandwich
Pop corn ice cream. Salted caramel ripple. Filo wafers. Pistachio short bread crumble. Fruit

Blue Cheese

with honeycomb, pear, dried fruit

and crostini


Chocolate Cake

no chocolate ingredients but magically a chocolate flavour

Passion Fruit Cheesecake

vodka, limoncello, galliano, and Mascarpone

Special Coffee

your choice of liqueur, coffee, cream, and nutmeg

Espresso Martini

vodka, kahlua, baileys, and coffee



Patron XO Cafe

Titoki Berry and Kawa Kawa Liqueur


Francoli Grappa Riserva


All Pizzas  8 slices

Hand stretched Sourdough base

The pizzas have a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese

(except the Portland vegan)


The Richard 17 (+$3 for GF)
Make it your own

Add tomato, pineapple, mushroom, olives or red onion $2 each
Add ham, pepperoni, smoked chicken $4 each.



Gourmet Selection

The Robert 23 (Beetroot)

Beetroot, feta, basil pesto, cava nero and walnut


The Glen 28 (Vege)

Broccoli, mushroom, red onion, dukkha, coconut yoghurt

pumpkin purée base (can be made vegan)


The Brendon 28 (Chicken)

Smoked chicken, bacon, Cream cheese base. Caesar dressing


The Dave 28 (Beef)

Beef Striploin. Blue cheese. Balsamic onion.


The Steve 28 (Salmon)

Salmon, red onion, nori and cucumber. Cream cheese base


The Andre 28 (Duck)

Spring onion. Courgette on an hoisin sauce base. Chilli oil.


Not Pizza


Hand Cut Chips 12

with aioli and tomato sauce 


The Gareth - Chicken  Bao  19

Two buns filled with chicken, salad
and optional spicy sauce

The Craig - Pork  Roast 33

With vege, Yorkshire pudding and gravy


Summer Garden Salad 17

Tomato. Cucumber. Artichoke. Beetroot.



Chocolate Marquise 17
Dark chocolate mousse. Hazelnut ice cream. Puff pastr

Blue Cheese 19

with honeycomb, pear, dried fruit

and crostini


The Tom Yum

Skyy Vodka, Malibu, Lychee, Lemon grass, Stones  Green Ginger Wine, Jalapeno, Lime

Berry Frozen Daiquiri

Mount Gay Rum, St Germain Elderflower,

Lime, Orange Bitters, simple syrup


Passionfruit Mojito

Mount Gay Rum, Mint, Lime,

Passionfruit and soda

Kiwifruit Caipirinha

Cachaça, lime, Kiwifruit,

simple syrup, soda


Passionfruit Cheesecake

Skyy vodka, vanilla galliano,

limoncello and mascarpone


Espresso Martini

Skyy vodka, Kahlua, Bailey’s,

espresso shot

Ryan's Secret Sangria

Classic or bubbly

Childrens menu

Go Vino has an excelent childrens menu. 

We also have giant connect four, giant jenga, and many other games for big and small children a like.

                Fish  (pan-fried) 17

                  Salad. Chips. Sauce

Lamb Rumb 17
Salad. Chips. Sauce


Chicken Bao Bun 13

With chips


Express/Takeaway Menu
Day Menu
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