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19 Captain Cook Road,  Cooks Beach. Tel. (07) 867 1215

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KaiZen dining has evolved at Go Vino over a number of years.  

Originally operating as a Tapas restaurant we came to realise that our dishes were more complex and not particularly Spanish influenced.  There was also a confusion in the market as to what "Tapas" were.

  So KaiZen dining was developed.


Kaizen in Japanese, means "change for the better". It’s a philosophy of continually making small improvements that over time create a substantial positive change but is also a combination of the word


Kai - the Maori/NZ word for food


Zen - a philosophy of enjoying the moment

We change our menu seasonally (every three months). This gives us the opportunity to continually develop and improve our dishes and we also try to apply the Kaizen philosophy to all aspects of the business.

When dining at Kaizen we encourage our guest to put away their cell phones,

relax, engage with their experience and companions and enjoy the moment.


The story so far...

Go Vino (2003) was first developed as a small hole in the wall late night wine shop on Victoria Street, Hamilton. This innovative little shop set itself apart from the stuffy old school wine shop, by being styled more like an art gallery, with modern music and all wine matched to cuisine lines to complement the nearby restaurants.


In 2006 when questioned what he would create if he had more space, Ryan decided to move across the

road and put a tapas bar within a wine shop, selling quality wine at little more than off-license prices matched

with quality small plate dishes.


Go Vino, the tapas lounge wine bar, quickly gained a loyal following for its unique approach. A place where everyone was welcome (no dress code or bouncers), that served quality and value food and drinks on comfortable sofas (on the street) sheltered from the weather and chaos of the Hamilton night. While Go Vino was positioned in the heart of Hamilton city many customers would remark that they would "hang out at Go Vino before going to town".


In 2009 Go Vino was also the first bar in NZ to start using liquid nitrogen in its cocktails.


In December 2007 Go Vino - Cooks Beach got underway. The second operation was a much larger venue (100 seater) as opposed to the Hamilton location (30 seats), with a large courtyard filled with comfortable furniture and giant games (Jenga, Connect 4) and stylish interior and bar.


Joined by award winning chef Paul Van Weerden the menu was redesigned. Evolving the tapas concept for New Zealand, and in line with current world trends they developed Kaizen dining.


In 2010 Go Vino - Hamilton was sold to its staff (renamed Nitro), and Ryan relocated permanently to Cooks Beach.

Since then Go Vino has become an integral part of the Cooks beach community. With ever changing innovative food, wine clubs, quiz nights and winter theme events there is always something happening at Go Vino.

As of June 2021 Go Vino rebranded to "KaiZen at Go Vino" to acknowledge how the business has focused on the ever evolving cuisine and less on the takeaway wine shop that it was 15 years ago.

the story

KaiZen plates are designed to be shared.  They come from the kitchen as they are ready, normally one at a time.  This creates a unique and social dining experience.  The dishes are designed to be of a size and affordability that allows you to order multiple dishes, multiple times over the course of your meal.

Not Just about the wine

Not only do we have one of the most extensive and best value wine lists in New Zealand, but we stock over 25 different New Zealand craft beers.  The beer selection is constantly changing showcasing some of the best craft beers New Zealand has to offer.


At Go Vino we create cocktails that taste and look amazing.  This often involves implementing new or innovative techniques, such as liquid nitrogen, smoke and ediable cocktails to enhance flavour and create something beautiful.  



"Great food, amazing wine list, fab desert, exceptional value. First time I had eaten ostrich - excellent. You will need to book, it’s that good." Jen (Perth)

"Quite possibly the best meals I've ever had. Really interesting ingredients and combinations of flavours which had my wife and I debating what was the best thing about each plate. The staff were great and in particular the owner made an effort to find us a table when the restaurant was fully booked over Easter.  Thank you to the GoVino team. " Reuben


Shoot 14-6
Go Vino - Shoot 16-8
Shoot 13-19
Shoot 13-15
Shoot 15-4
Go Vino - Scotched egg
Go Vino - the beach
Go Vino - tuna pastrami
Go Vino - at the pass
Go Vino - dessert
Go Vino - potato salad
Go Vino - salmon gravlax
Go Vino-savoury cheescake
Go Vino - Paul
Go Vino- Rabbit
Go Vino - ostrich with pigs ears
Go Vino - table set
Go Vino - spoons
Go Vino - wine room
Go Vino - Beef Sashimi
Go Vino - in the courtyard
Go Vino -Ceaser Salad
Go Vino - pizza
Go Vino -Hapuka and blueberries




Winter Hours

Open for dinner from 5.30pm

Five nights a week

Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 

Please book at

Coffee window 8.00am - 10.30am
Sat and Sun

bread and pastry orders can be made on the cooks beach facebook page

if you are after dinner tonight and it is after 5pm

Please call

(07) 8671215


19 Captain Cook Road, Cooks Beach


for information and for future bookings


 Vouchers available to be picked up from the restaurant or online  at

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